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The ATC Bursary

Theatre and the arts should be accessible to everyone. This is one of the foundations on which Avocet Theatre Company was built upon and is why we are one of the cheapest theatre groups in the area to join. However, we know that there are some whose financial and personal situations do not allow for such activities. Furthermore, working in performing arts for some time has shown us that there are numerous groups of people that are underrepresented within the theatre - particularly in Oxfordshire.  ATC are therefore delighted to announce that, from 2020, a small bursary will be put aside for those who fall under the above criteria for each of our productions. This will go towards paying for some, if not all, of the costs to participate in an ATC production.

The Policy for The ATC Bursary can be downloaded below. We ask all considering applying to read this throughly:

An Application Form for consideration for The ATC Bursary, in place for Avocet Theatre Company's current production, can be downloaded below:

The document will be available to download upon commencement of our next set of auditions

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