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Robin Hood & The Witches of Sherwood

The Show

Avocet Theatre Company returned from the COVID-19 pandemic with a bang, staging Robin Hood and the Witches of Sherwood to four incredible audiences! The feedback was overwhelming, with many calling it 'the best pantomime they have ever seen!' 

We could not be more proud of everyone involved in the show!

Cast List

Robin Hood - Myron Byfield

Maid Marion - Eleanor Fairley

Sheriff of Nottingham - Gill Crowther

Nurse Bedpan - Ben Coleman

Prince John - Katie Crowther

Sir Lancelot - Alfie Blackwell

Little John - Chloe Fulford-Hewitt

Will Scarlett - Isla Swanton

Alan-a-Dale -  Cheneice White

Friar Tuck - Ian Keeffe

Molly - Louise Nunneley

Dipsy - Camron Northcote

Nutsy - Colm Forde

Sergeant - Lewis Manley

King Richard - Sam Brittain

Acne - Amelia Haverson

Pimple - Hollie Keene

Psoriasis - Jennie Healy

Villager 1 - Maddie Wells

Villager 2 /Soldier 1- Emily English

Villager 3 - Oliver Dyer

Villager 4 - Izzy Hudson

Villager 5 - Amelia Peel

Soldier 2 - Emily Chalmers

Soldier 3 - Eden Souter

Solider 4 - Benjamin Dyer

News Boy - Ieuan Davies


Above members of the cast plus...

Grace Russell, Caspian Tostevin, Gracie Self and Annabelle Simms

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