Tights at the ready!
ATC is thrilled to be performing
Robin Hood: A Musical Pantomime!

A Statement from ATC:

Tuesday 17th March 2020

As many of you are probably aware, the government held a press conference yesterday afternoon where they announced that they were recommending a ban on social gatherings as well as 'theatre' in general in an effort to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Avocet Theatre Company committee has therefore decided to make the very difficult decision to postpone our upcoming production of Robin Hood in these very uncertain times. This also means that rehearsals are cancelled until further notice.


This decision was not taken lightly. The health of all of our members and volunteers is, first and foremost, the most important consideration we have to make. Luckily, with regards to the production, we are at a very early stage in our rehearsal process. With the situation changing almost daily and, with even professional theatres going dark, we would rather make this decision sooner rather than later.


Rest assured, the ATC Committee will now make it our priority to reschedule the show for as soon as possible.


In the meantime, we will be thinking of fun, safe and productive ways to support each other and the local community during this tough time! This includes looking into the possibility of live streaming concerts to care homes as well as creating fun video adverts to support local businesses who will be hit hardest in these tough times. We will keep you informed of these plans and we encourage you to share your own ideas with us!

I am sure many of you are as disappointed as we are but I hope that you understand and support this decision. We will do whatever we can to make sure Robin Hood rides again as soon as possible!


If you have any concerns or questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please stay safe and look after each other.






Cast List

Robin Hood - Charlie Cox

Maid Marion - Eleanor Fairley

Sheriff of Nottingham - Gill Crowther

Nurse Bedpan - Ben Coleman

Prince John - Katie Crowther

Sir Lancelot - Alfie Blackwell

Little John - Amelie Foster

Little Joan - Kitty Russell

Will Scarlett - Kat Smith

Wont Scarlett - Victoria Humphreys

Alan-a-Dale -  Cheneice White

Friar Tuck - Lewis Manley

Friar Chuck - Ian Keeffe

Molly - Louise Nunneley

Dipsy - Camron Northcote

Nutsy - Colm Forde

Sergeant - Tyler Oakley

King Richard - Sam Brittain

Acne - Felicity Foster

Pimple - Jessica Wigram (Thursday & Friday) and Hollie Keene (Saturday Matinee & Saturday Evening)

Psoriasis - Amelia Haverson (Thursday & Friday) and Jennie Healy (Saturday Matinee & Saturday Evening)

Neddy the Horse - Annie Armstrong and  Caitlin Cox

Villager 1 - Maddie Wells

Villager 2 /Prisoner 2- Emily English

Villager 3 - Leah Hill

Villager 4 - Phoebe Banks

Villager 5 - Amelia Peel

Soldier 1 - Isla Swanton

Soldier 2 - Alfie Kinslay

Soldier 3 - Chloe Fulford-Hewitt

Solider 4 - Eden Souter

Soldier 5 - Lewis Jones

News Boy - Ieuan Davies

Prisoner 1 - Lexie Franklin


Dance Team:

Annie Armstrong, Chloe Fulford-Hewitt, Ruby Oakley, Kitty Russell, Maisy Wells


Hollie Keene (Thursday & Friday)

Jessica Wigram (Saturday Matinee & Saturday Evening)


Phoebe Banks, Caitlin Cox, Ieuan Davies, Emily English, Lauren Fountain, Lexie Franklin, Leah Hill, Lewis Jones, Alfie Kinslay, Amelia Peel, Grace Russell, Eden Souther, Isla Swanton, Maddie Wells

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