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Sleeping Beauty: A Musical-Pantomime

The Show

In June 2023, Avocet Theatre Company proudly presented one of our (in)famous pantomimes, "Sleeping Beauty." Written by one of our committee members, the show enchanted audiences with its captivating tale. Set in a kingdom far, far away, the story revolved around Princess Rose and Prince Julian as they battled the wicked Carabosse and her hench,an Spindle. 

The production of "Sleeping Beauty" received overwhelming reviews, leaving audiences spellbound and grinning from ear to ear. The extraordinary performances, dazzling set, and mesmerizing choreography brought the story to life in the most enchanting way. Each night, the show garnered standing ovations, a testament to its unforgettable impact.

Audiences were captivated by the performances of our exceptional casts - that's righ, for some roles we had two casts!-, who poured their hearts into their roles. Their talent, energy, and dedication radiated on stage, creating a truly incredible experience for everyone. From the hilarious antics of the comedic characters to the breathtaking moments of romance and magic, "Sleeping Beauty" left a lasting impression on all who attended.

We are immensely grateful for the incredible reviews and heartwarming feedback we received. The support and appreciation from our  audiences reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional theatrical experiences. "Sleeping Beauty" was a crowning achievement for Avocet Theatre Company, and we are honored to have shared this magical journey with Banbury audiences. 

Cast List

Some roles were split between two people and each person played said role for two performances each

Download the Cast List at the link below:

The Team

Director: Ben Coleman

Choreographer: Amelia Haverson & Debbie Coleman

Musical Director: Louise Nunneley

Assistant Musical Director: Gill Crowther

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