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The Read Through Sessions

Avocet Theatre Company are delighted to announce a new fortnightly series entitled The Read Through Sessions!

At each 'session', ATC members - past and present - will read through scripts from ATC's past as well as explore potential future productions! These read throughs will be held either via Zoom or in a COVID secure venue and we will be inviting ATC members and their families to be our audience as well as, perhaps, take on some speaking roles!


Prior to each session, we will announce what the show will be and how you can apply to either take on a major or minor speaking role or be part of the audience live on Zoom or in person (venue permitting). For previous shows, some cast members will also be reprising their original roles!

Please note, some of The Read Through Sessions will be recorded, edited and posted online for the public whilst some will be for members/parents only, live via Zoom, due to copyright restrictions.

Keep an eye on our social media pages and here on our website for how to get involved



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