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Auditions take place on Tuesday 5th April 2022 at ATC Studios, Wykham Park Academy, Banbury.


Please download your Application Form and Information Letter at the link below. These were handed out at the Presentation Evening but if you were unable to attend or have misplaced yours then please feel free to print a new one.


Click the button below to access the Google Drive of Audition Material. In the Drive, you will find folders with all the material for each character. Remember, you only need to audition for one character and can list on your application form all the roles you would like to be considered for. Just do your best - we are not looking for perfection!

For more information about the characters, take a look at the character breakdown information on the Moana page of our website


If you'd like to practice the audition dance learnt at the Presentation Evening, please find the video below. This will be done as large group audition so don't panic! 


Auditions take place on Tuesday 5th April 2022 at ATC Studios, Wykham Park Academy, Banbury. If you're not sure how to find the Studio, please download the map below.

Ages 8 to 12 - 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Ages 13 to 18 - 8.00pm to 9.30pm 

You do not need to memorise your audition pieces though it is advised. You need to be prepared to perform your audition piece on your own, considering your use of voice, facial expressions, and your understanding of the character and material. For characters that have singing parts, you must practice one of the selected songs, which can be accessed at the above link. The song should also be performed in character.

Whilst there may be multiple characters you wish to audition for, we ask you to do only ONE audition piece. There is a space on the Audition Form for you to tell us all the parts you would like to be considered for. 

All cast will take part in a group dance audition.

If you only wish to audition for the chorus or dance team, you will take part in a group audition, performing the song learnt at the Presentation Evening. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend the audition date and we will do our best to accommodate. 


If you have any questions, please email us at: